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About Us

Originally from Wisconsin, I started playing cards at a very early age. It started at my grandparents table with M&Ms. There I learned not to underestimate my opponent and the dangers of slow playing a big hand. As I aged, the stakes also grew. Nickels and dimes around the neighborhood to then hosting a regular $1/ $2 game.


I love action, the live straddle, the pre-flop bet in the dark, and even betting red/black. Games were once played on card tables, kitchen tables and even a pool table until I decided to try building my own poker table. My first one was about as basic as could be. Burgundy felt and a black vinyl rail. No racetrack, no raised rail, but it's where I got the vision. From there I got more and more creative. Then regular players at the $1/ $2 game started asking about the table they were playing on and how they can get one. And an idea was born.

My ambition is to provide individuals and cardrooms across the country with our premium tables and someday have one of our tables on TV during a televised tournament or high stakes cash game.

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