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A one-of-a-kind poker table that meets your needs and reflects your aspirations requires bespoke solutions. Action Custom Feltz has created a tailored package that delivers above and beyond standard “custom” poker table companies.   Action Custom Feltz has built a bridge connecting poker players to a robust table selection and customization process focused on delivering exactly the poker table you envision. 

It requires a series of complex actions to create your ideal poker table. All steps, from identifying the right type of table for you: to material selection, railing design, table base, playing surface, finishing touches and delivery used to be done individually. Completely tailored solutions were unavailable, for new and experienced poker players alike - until now.

The typical “custom” poker table manufacture can be very useful, but as good as they are, they have limitations. This lack of continuity can cost you time, money, enjoyment and leave your vision unfulfilled.  In order to develop the best possible tailored poker table solution, Action Custom Feltz is the only company of its kind that fully integrates objective, insightful guidance from your initial idea of a poker table to your first-hand dealt on it. 

Action Custom Feltz’s team of experts leveraged their first-hand knowledge and our philosophy of continuous improvement to develop this process ensuring best-practices are applied to each project. This assures extraordinary results. 

1. Understanding Your Vision

We give you our time. We need to understand your vision, your needs and expectations of your perfect poker table. It all begins with listening. Important questions extract essential information like a conductor coaxes the best performances from talented musicians. What do you dream of? When you envision your poker game, what is paramount for you? Action Custom Feltz has the knowledge and experience to deliver exactly the poker table you envision.

You dream. We’ll take care of the details.

2. Introducing a Wealth of Choices

Only after we truly understand your expectations, does Action Custom Feltz perform its meticulous research and brainstorming to prepare an idea for your approval.  We consider the right poker table shape, surface materials, finite details and customize it all to reflect your requirements and sense of style. 

3. Selecting the Exceptional

In many ways, finding a perfect table is much like discovering the perfect watch. Maybe you want outward elegance, like a Cartier or Patek Phillipe, or possibly you’re looking for the strong and unmistakable lines of a Rolex or complexity of a Piaget. Look, function and fit are valuable. But beyond all, it is value that is admired. 

Once decided, we provide you with a quote and timeline for your once in a lifetime purchase.

4. Finishing your Bespoke Table

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a truly one of a kind poker table. Sit back and allow Action Custom Fetlz to work our magic, ensuring the finished poker table matches your vision. Our focus is on the details.

Whatever your need, from custom raised rail, to hidden storage solutions, to your own poker logo on the playing surface, Action Custom Feltz’s expertise and professionalism is invested to ensure your table is finished to an exceptional quality and delivered on time. We are meticulous in our inspections and checks. The result is a bespoke poker table that reflects your style and values.

5. Crafting a Smooth Shuffle

Well before the table is complete, we devise a plan to have you review your table and have it delivered to your doorstep. From your inaugural hand everything is perfect, and you can concentrate on enjoying each and every deal.

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